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1 Science, philosophy and religion
1.1 Science
1.1.1 Neuroscience ''A'' is for Amphioxus ''B'' is for Brainstem ''C'' is for Cortex
1.1.2 Behavioral biology Human nature Leaflet
1.1.3 Mechanisms of mind The self which is you... Consciousness The attitude system
1.2 Philosophy
1.2.1 Ontology Nested ontology
1.2.2 Epistemology
1.2.3 Ethics Choice, free will and responsibility Assays in ethics Politics
1.3 Religion
1.3.1 Man's need for religion Gurus, preachers and priests
1.3.2 Vehicles of Hope
2 Culture
2.1 Language
2.2 Art
2.2.1 Music
2.3 Secular and sacred
2.4 Cultural history
2.4.1 Tribes and peoples
2.4.2 Shamanism
2.5 Civilization
2.5.1 Critique of civilizations
2.5.2 The current crisis of Western culture
3 Miscellany
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The essence of wisdom is 'everything in its rightful place'